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Alicante efoil shop

Discover our efoil shop Alicante

Our efoil Alicante shop is your ultimate destination for all products related to the exciting world of efoil surfing and watersports. In partnership with the prestigious brands Forward WIP and Waveshark, we offer a wide range of quality products to satisfy your e-flying surfing needs.

Among our products, you will find those of the highest quality when it comes to protection and comfort.

efoil boards

Discover the collection of the latest generation of efoil boards available in our Alicante efoil shop, designed to give you a unique flying experience on the water. You will find high quality boards, which combine advanced technology, stability and performance.

It is possible to find the board that best suits your level and stability thanks to the variety we offer. We have models for beginners as well as high-end models for experienced surfers.

First class equipment

At Efoil Moraria, we understand that the right equipment makes all the difference. That's why we offer you a wide range of essential accessories for efoil surfing and other water sports.

Discover our selection of technical hats, gloves, socks and trousers designed to give you unparalleled comfort and protection. Plus, don't forget to browse our essential gear, including knee pads, shirts and jackets specially designed to withstand the most challenging conditions.


When it comes to keeping warm and flexible, the high quality wetsuits available in our efoil Alicante shop are the perfect choice. Available in a variety of styles and thicknesses, our wetsuits will provide you with the performance and comfort you need in all seasons.

Whether you're looking for a full suit or a semi suit, you'll find options to suit your individual needs.

jetboards and protections

Looking for an extra dose of adrenaline? Discover our collection of jetboards, a perfect fusion of technology and fun on the water. These motorised devices will allow you to reach impressive speeds while enjoying ephoil surfing.

In addition, we also offer a wide range of protective gear, including helmets, waistcoats and pads to ensure your safety while you venture out on the water.

Accessories and additional equipment

At Efoil Moraria, we make sure you have everything you need for your water experience. Complete your equipment with our accessories and additional equipment. We have backpacks specifically designed to carry and protect your efoil equipment and other accessories.

We also have a variety of life jackets and other safety equipment to give you the peace of mind you need during your water activities.

At Efoil Moraria, we pride ourselves on offering quality products and a wide selection to suit all your efoil surfing and watersports needs. Explore our online shop and discover the wide range of products from the leading brands Forward WIP and Waveshark. Get ready to experience the thrill of efoil surfing and make the most of your water adventures with Efoil Moraria!

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