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What is the meaning of His And Hers Promise Rings?

Engagement, while a bit outdated in recent times, still has meaning in relation to the future spouse and the family. Engagement is a promise of marriage, starting from the day of engagement until the wedding. The marriage usually takes place after a year.

The story of the engagement ring

Do you think the big day will be soon near and the groom will put the ring on your hand? However, one question remains unanswered. What is it that means to wear or place the engagement rings on which finger?

In ancient times it was customary to see brides wear their engagement rings on the finger that holds the ring on their left hand. The Vena Amoris, or vein of love was believed to connect this finger directly with the heart. The bond was stronger and more romantic.

While everyone is aware that this isn't an actual fact, the tradition has remained. Rings for engagements worn by women are always worn on the left finger. After the wedding ceremony, it is also normal to have the wedding ring juxtaposed or positioned on the finger of the right hand.

Thirty years ago the day of engagement, it could be considered a time of reflection to ensure that spouses will live together. It was also a chance to introduce the promise to the family, which isn't a minor thing.

Nowadays, it is still quite common to present an engagement ring to the one you love. You can throw small gatherings on the day of the wedding, but often, the celebration is held in a small group of people like siblings, parents, and brothers. The couple may not be a believer but the marriage has become an old tradition.

The engagement ring has a meaning that is typically made of silver or white gold as well as platinum for its durability.

How to select an engagement ring

Decided to get engaged, you are, it's obvious. But, despite this decision, you still have several steps to take before enjoying the long-awaited day. You will love the ring you received for the duration of your life if you choose it carefully.

Will you pick a high-end car? A solitary ? You may be tempted to part with an engagement ring worn by your mother or grandmother. Each engagement ring has a meaning... The rose gold engagement ring and the diamond engagement rings may be selected based on the shape or design she prefers. Setting with stones that are central or set in the ring, the design is different, but the charm remains.

There are a variety of ways to highlight the diamond or precious stone in the ring. We're talking about solitaire or accompanied solitaire, also known as trilogy in the case of three stones arranged side by side and of the same size. The white gold engagement ring with its precious stones is available in several designs, such as rail, grain, pave or French or Castle.

They are stylish but not extravagant. Gems can be placed on the entire ring or just one piece, based on what you prefer. The sapphire engagement ring featuring ruby, emerald, and diamond is a timeless classic. Each stone has a meaning for instance: the diamond signifies purity, innocence; emerald: true love; opal represents hope; the pearl is health and longevity and the sapphire symbolizes dedication and wisdom.

The precious metal can also have a special meaning for the engagement rings. These are the semi-precious or precious stones chosen, as well the overall appearance of the jewel. A symbol of eternal love, the diamond engagement ring is undoubtedly the most used combination. Ruby red represents both the happiness in the union, and also the passion that consumes the newlyweds. The presence of this precious stone on the engagement ring also makes it a unique piece of jewelry because of its rarity.

The ring of engagement symbolizes eternity.

The significance of the 4Cs in relation to engagement rings.

When selecting your precious stones When choosing your stones, you can make use of the "4C" rule to determine the cost. When you are choosing the right stones, you can read about the "4C" rule Carat: the weight of the precious stone Cut The quality of the cut Clarity is the amount of inclusions in the stone (more it has less, the greater the quality) Color The shade of the diamond. It ranges from D for white to M for yellowish. To determine the cost of the jewel it is crucial to take into consideration these aspects. The design chosen and its complexity will carry an effect on the rarity of the engagement ring as a basis to determine the amount you will pay.

The formalization and formalization of love

If your budget is extravagant or a bit less do not forget that the engagement ring is above all the best way to formalize your love. It is the very first sign of the future union and must reflect your joy as well as the love of his. Of course the jewel must be resistant and for this, the diamond, which is unchangeable, is the strongest precious stone.

The wedding ring and engagement ring

Yellow gold metal for the engagement ring is typically recommended, particularly if you are planning to pair it with white gold for the wedding ring, which is also a quality precious metal. This is a very fluid area, as the uses for gold are changing constantly. As larger natural diamonds become more scarce, a beautiful cut stone can be a great option if you want your engagement band to make the largest impact possible when compared to a less formal wedding band.


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