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Flying with Inner Peace
Immerse yourself in nature the way it should be

WaveShark Foil delivers powerful propulsion with a maximum speed of 45km/h (28mph)

No sensation is paralleled to gliding over the water without leaving a wake quietly. WaveShark Foil delivers powerful propulsion while keeping the noise at an imperceptible level (environmental noise at 50db).

Levitating above the water is unforgettable and precious.
WaveShark Foil is paired with a capacity of 2.6kWh which guarantees the longest ride time in the market up to 180* minutes.
Search no more, the NEXT foil is here.

Thanks to embedded GNSS global GPS system and intelligent processor, WaveShark Foil keeps tracking your board,calculates remaining battery level based on speed and route dynamically, marks point of safe return and informs the rider via controller vibrations.

Ultra-light carbon fiber was adopted in both board and mast. The light weight and right amount of rigidity of the material offers high responsiveness during turning and carving. Combination of high strength carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum guarantees high anticorrosion ability.

The wireless waterproof floatable IPX8 controller comes with a wristband and a high brightness AMOLED monitor. It shows the speed and remaining battery with high visibility which won’t be affected by sun exposure or a shiny water surface. 4 speed modes ease your way into mastering the journey above water.


Waveshark efoil Foil 2 sport

10 103,00 €Prix
  • 8350 Euro Excl. VAT 

    Downpayment: 1 000 Euro

    Consult us by phone or email for a formal offer

    Standard delivery time: Ten (10) days  

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